Need advice for last moment study

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Few days left for my exam. I have reading the books,revising the important chapters and taking practice tests. Sometime chapter wise and some time full test.

In the last few days should I revise the books again or take only practice tests ? Or any other suggestions ?

Please give your opinion.



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    Hi Abhi,

    How many days is a "few days"? Makes it a bit hard to advise when we don't have a time frame. Nonetheless, in the last days I would recommend going hard on the practise questions (which practise questions are you using?) and reviewing your weakest domains. In the last "few days", you are best taking the full tests, this gives you practise to be prepared for the long exam. Do you have Eric Conrad's Study Guide? I found that to be extremely useful towards the exam.
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    Got your point. Thanks.

    First of all I have two weeks left.

    I am using Conrad's book and Shon's book. Practicing cccure tests ( Paid) and AIO 6 books questions. Scoring >80% in tests.

    Now,how to work on weakest domains ( like telecom, as I found a lot of technical question in cccure those are not in AIO/Conrad book) and as well as for other domains also .

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    Okay, I hope that by now you have gone over all the material and have an understanding of the domains. With two weeks left, in my opinion, you are best using E.Conrad's study guide for your strong domains then using Shon Harris for the weaker ones. Have you been taking notes along the way? Right now is the time to turn to those notes and nut it all out. In your last week or so, try to concentrate more on the E.Conrad study guide.

    Advice I received before the exam was to study and attempt full practice tests for a duration of 4 - 6 hours at a time - the exam is 6 hours long, some CISSP candidates have knocked it out in less time, but it's best to be prepared to be sited for the whole duration. Exam strategy and fatigue management are very important.

    I have mentioned this before in one of my past posts, when doing practice exams try to understand why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong ones are wrong. This will come in handy during the exam where you will be able eliminate the wrong answers straight away. I don't think I need to mention this but keep watch for the detractors, there is always a detractor... All the best icon_study.gif
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    Thank you very much for the guidance.
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