Anyone familiar with data analyst certifications?

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I was thinking about going for MS SQL but I just don't feel it's a good fit right now. I was curious if any data guys or gals out there new of something that was somewhat known and in the industry. I Googled a few but nothing really stood right up and said get me. Thanks in advance. Modeling or anything at all in the world.


  • DissonantDataDissonantData Member Posts: 158
    Perhaps something along the line of SAP, Oracle, and SAS? I am currently looking into SAP FI/CO (financial accounting) at this time as I heard it was useful knowledge to have.
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    I've done some FI/CO support for SAP along with BW. Very low level analyst support. Never touched SAS, not a stats guy, although I did have a stats class. We used Minitab.
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