RHCSA Getting off the ground need some pointers

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A little bit about myself and my background I have developed a interest / passion in Linux skill wise I am pretty comfortable using the command line, And am very keen to get my hands dirty, lab and take notes to improve my skill set.

I have the Jang Book but I am finding it a bit difficult to get going, Firstly from a exam point of view why do I need to learn about how to install the O/S surely it's already setup in the exam environment. Secondly services such as SSH and VNC why would I need to use them in a exam environment if I am solely using one machine?

I am having difficult getting a lab off the ground and need to be pointed in the right direction I find that the initial few chapters of the book jump around a bit.

So how did you guys setup the lab and how did you tackle the chapters lab is there some specific order? it's a bit confusing.

Many Thanks
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    Don't bother too much regarding the lab building explanation in chapter1, it is very confusing.
    just get a 2 machine lab going (centos or fedora) and skip the chapters of installation + lab setup
    there are objectives defined in redhat website regarding RHCSA, one of them is VNC, so you need to know it, regardless of the lab setup you will have during the exam.
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    So am I right in saying that you wouldn't be expected to install Red Hat? what about creating the installation Media FTP?
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    Yes I am having the same issue as well with the Jang book.

    So the advice here is to skip chapter 1 and just go along with a 2 machine lab going? The book recommends 3 ( 1 inside server, 1 inside client and 1 outside client.)

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    Can you skip the whole installation section? what would be the benefit of learning kick start? during a exam
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    With Red Hat exams, it's better not to skip anything in the exam objectives. I used two virtual machines to practice, but when I took the exam virtualization wasn't part of it (RHEL 5), so I don't know how it is now.

    You can skip the chapters for now and come back to them later. Also, consider investing in a Red Hat training course (the 5 days course with the exam on the 5th day), it's a worthwhile investment and will help you a lot.

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