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hoktaurihoktauri Member Posts: 148
I just had a client drop on me that they want to move their server to the cloud, so far they haven't specified exactly what they want moved but I'm assuming the database and file storage. I have no idea how to accomplish this, can I get a AWS account and just start up a windows VM?

I doubt it's that easy.


  • hoktaurihoktauri Member Posts: 148
    Okay, it looks like it's a bit easier than I thought with AWS. All I need now is ideas of how to make the remote desktop connection idiot proof.
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    I recently had a similar task and went with Rackspace private cloud with VMware
  • hoktaurihoktauri Member Posts: 148
    I'll have to check and see if Rackspace has a free trial. So far I have tried the free tier with AWS but XenApp isn't compatible with the win server versions available, MDOP has no free trial and I can't install the app virtualization roles in 2012 because it's a VM.

    I'm probably going to try Azure next but I already see the cost for this going much higher than the client is going to want to pay.
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    Wherever you go - I have worked with Azure and AWS - I find it easier to build a VM in the cloud than to try and migrate one. System Center 2012 makes it easier, but trying to just copy one can be an adventure.

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    Agreed, its much easier to build a new server farm in the cloud than migrate existing. You would probably be best off to get an account with your chosen provider and try it out. You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly.
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  • hoktaurihoktauri Member Posts: 148
    Yeah, I'm starting a brand new instance and working from there. Issue at this point seems to be trying to get app virtualization working in the VM.
  • nerdydadnerdydad Member Posts: 261
    This is how I read your post "I just had a client drop on me that they want to move their server to my butt"

    I have this installed:

    It just makes things more interesting, I especially like when I read about cloud symposiums and workshops.
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