About to start down the CCNP route...pun intended.

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I have decided to get back on the horse after who knows how long. My CCNA is about to expire in 8 months so I figured why not do something to renew it. It just sucks that I am not in the field so I have to push harder due to lack of motivationicon_sad.gif. I have some videos and I have the Foundation Learning Guide. Anything else necessary?
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    Yes, tons of motivations to get past the ROUTE exam. OSPF is HUGE!!! I was kind of let down with the lack of BGP material in the cert guide and the exam. EIGRP is a bit more but no biggie. IPv6 is shoved down your throat like there's no tomorrow. PBR, IP SLA, GRE, and route redistribution are a cake walk once you have OSPF down.

    You really don't need more than the cert guide and make your own labs in GNS3(so you can go as complex as you want).

    Still kinda feel like BGP was only enough to be dangerous and not enough to be productive at an engineer position(I work in a NOC, I would like to finish my CCNP and know more about BGP before searching for a new position).

    But if you like the stuff it should not be a big deal .
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    Thanks for the encouragement. I do like the stuff, so, it should be fun building these labs!
    CCENT, CCNA(EXPIRED), BS Electrical Engineering (Communications/Optics/Nanotechnology)
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