Scored a New job. Forgot to put a Subject Line in the acceptance e-mail...

Howdy all hoping to get some good advice regarding this. Scored a new job in tech support and was e-mailed the offer letter. I was extremely focused on creating the body of the acceptance response e-mail. I created the body. Proof read it, perfect, pressed send. Realized i forgot to add a subject line to the e-mail.
I'm worried that this could reflect negatively on me as I don't want the new employer's first impression of me to be forgetful and i don't want the employer to see an empty subject line in the acceptance email, think its spam, delete it and think i never accepted the offer. Should I send another email saying something along the lines of "Noticed I forgot the subject line in my previous email just wanted to verify you received it?


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    I reckon your overthinking it though I can understand the stress. Maybe in a few hours or so, just call them up and say you've sent the acceptance email and wanted to confirm they've received it. Most employers will be okay with a no-subject email, in case they comment about it just say you were very excited and wanted to send back the email as soon as possible and in your hurry you forgot the subject.

    Dont stress! You'll be okay.
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    Or just resend it. They will get the hint.
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    Did they originally send it without a subject? Didn't you just reply?
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    I think you are probably just over thinking it :). If they think differently of you just because you accidentally forgot to put the subject line, you might be in for a long road anyway. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. If you don't hear from them, just follow up with a phone call to make sure they received it, no worries. Good luck at the new position!
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    I'm sure you will be fine, do not sweat the small things!! Good luck with the new job, I hope it works out well! icon_cheers.gif
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    Thanks for the advice all. I decided to resend the e-mail just to be safe. I didnt wanna show up on monday and have someone tell me they never heard back from me cause they never received my e-mail. So I ready to get my new career started rank in that experience and the better pay my new job will provide me!
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