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Hi, I was planning on studying Linux+ towards the end of the year but seeing various comments on the forum that RHCSA is a better way to go as it shows you can use linux rather than answer questions about it.

What's the average timeframe for someone completing it?

My experience of Linux is general interest from 2007 onwards, use in home as an OS, then in 2010 I used CentOS as a server at work for our website, I have no problem installing and setting up servers, my contact has been mail servers/dns/web servers/basic firewall. Is this enough knowledge to start this cert? My study will be 4 hours per night, 3 nights per week and 8 hours 1 day at the weekend. Is 2 and a half months feasible?

Thanks for the help!


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    In my opinion it feasible if you manage to keep up with this time frame. Your previous experience will be a big help in this.
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    Thanks, I wasnt really sure that it was a half a year job or something! Linux has always been an interest of mine so can't wait to get into it! Love doing certs, I have really learnt loads already from just the networking ones ive done.
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    I'm looking forward to taking the RHCE soon as well. I've been a RHEL and CENTOS user for many years now. Since I just knocked out the Lin+, LPIC, and NCLA I will eventually be pursuing the RHCE as well!
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    I began studying for the RHCSA exam while I was still looking for work. I was spending about two to three hours a day, five days a week and I managed to get through about a third of the book I was working with in the first two weeks. At that pace - given that I go through the book, do some additional review, and then spend maybe another two to four weeks pouring over labs - I'd say that I would have been done in about three months or so.

    I have a moderate amount of experience using Red Hat and CentOS, by no means an expert. I worked with various flavors of Linux in 2006, then again from 2008 - 2009, with a little tinkering on the side and doing enough studying to earn my (pre-LPI) Linux+ certification. With your background and experience, along with the pace you're setting for yourself, I'm confident you should have no trouble knocking this exam out in two and a half months.

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    Just what I was hoping to hear. Really looking forward to this one!
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