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I have been living in Asia for the last 4 years going to school and working as director of IT for a medium sized company (~100 employees) . I have been out of touch with the US job market, and was seeking a little advice from some of the knowledgeable members here about what kind of salary I should be asking for. Ill be heading back around the 1st of the year.

Short bio
  • 10 years of IT experience
  • CTR (Cryptologic technician) USN, TS clearance (Inactive)
  • BA Philosophy (Main area of study: Philosophy of Technology)
  • MA Philosophy (Main area of study: Global Policy and Cyber Warfare)
  • MS Information of Technology (Main area of study: Adaptive Security Frameworks)
  • CCNA
  • CEH (Thanks for all the tips on the forums helped me to pass)
  • CISSP (Testing in December)
I know I meet the majority of the requirements for most of the security jobs (CISSP postings mainly) I see posted but I was mainly wondering how to leverage the 2 master degrees.


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    lsud00dlsud00d Member Posts: 1,571
    Welcome to TE Thrasymachus! Your Educational history is very interesting and looks like it would be a fun learning journey. That, paired with your certs, is overall impressive on paper.

    What is your IT experience in? Where do you anticipate moving to? That alone will largely affect what you can expect for salary range.
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    ThrasymachusThrasymachus Registered Users Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks it has been quite a journey. My experience varies greatly, the most formal of my jobs have been doing security audits, training in "safe computing policies", general company wide maintenance, applying patches, and log watching for IDS I setup, then on my own I have done alot of consulting and contract work, everything from setting up VPN's and VPS's, and POS terminals for bar/restaurant to covering a ranch with Wifi 5 sq miles. My Last position was basically taking a company with 0 infrastructure and scaling them accordingly to US standards (e.g. ISO compliance, and non pirated software. HUGE problem in this area of Asia)

    I will move back to Dallas, Texas area. Also for what its worth I'm not quite 30.
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