What Novell Certs are most relevant today?

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My question is two fold. The first is in the title what Novell Certs tend to be in the most demand today. Currently I lean towards Windows and Citrix Xenapp things. Still kind of new to it all and have been working on laying out a path for my career.

The secon part is more specific. I'm lucky enough to be working with a partner of Novell, NetIQ, Suse (all under the attachmate umbrella). I've noticed that I have a ton of access to training, documents, and a ton of experienced admins with 10+ years of experience. So my question is with all this access to free/cheap training and resources what would you study?

Right now I'm leaning towards Zenworks Configuration Management and Open Enterprise Server. Looking forward to everyone's input.



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    To learn basics of Novell go for NCA. NCE is practicum and not easy.

    If new to Linux start with Linux+ or LPI. LPI also not easy

    SUSE Linux certs are CLA. CLP and CLE are practicums and again not easy.

    Hardest thing is once you get them set up they just work. So you have to lab and break things yourself to learn.

    main thing is to lab and learn using the training material and exercises.

    start with SUSE Linux and install and keep playing with and experimenting.
    of course lab and test in non production.

    hope this helps and have fun!!!!
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    Thanks for the feedback twodogs62. I was starting to think that maybe silence was going to be my only answer. I'll probably start with LPI and move NCA.
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