Tools for CEH V7...or V8 for that matter.

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Greetings everyone,

I've started my study for the CEH V7 (who knows, may even take V8 ) and I'm wondering what specific tools do I need to buckle down and get a handle on. I'm currently reading the Walker All in One book and he mentions a few here and there, but I can't figure out which ones to put the most time in with. Ultimately, I'd like to be very comfy with most tools, but I'm trying to sit for the exam in the next month or two, really before v7 is removed, so I kinda want to know which ones to hit for the exam right now. I know the CEH exam is a "Mile wide, inch deep" sort of exam...or atleast that's what I'm told, but I want to start familiarizing myself with the tools. I did a search on this site, but can't really find what I'm looking for. Would love some insight from you veterans. Any suggestions? Study tips, Anything people, I need you!

My prep (so far):

Just finished chapter 3 of the Walker book
Attempting to download Metaspolit to an old 2008 PC (having trouble with the install :/)
I have NMAP downloaded and bought the book that goes with it. (The purple one, at work so I forget the name and don't have it with me. It's wrote by the guy who designed nmap). Ummm, that's all I got so far, this is my first week of study :)


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    I've read Walker's book a few times as well as others. I am preparing for this as well and hoping to take it in the next few weeks. From what I have been told, the tools to concentrate on are nmap and hping and netstat. Also know the TCP/IP flags and port numbers.
    I made a blog/study guide website for myself (and anyone else who needs it). It's made from Walker's book as well as a few others. Here is the link: C|EH v7 Exam Guide | A site to help all learn the objectives for the C|EH v7 Exam

    To practice the tools, I already have a virtual lab setup with Backtrack 5 R3 and Ubuntu 12.10 and Windows XP. I think the exam is just mainly interested in the syntax of the tools, but using the tools is how I learn the syntax instead of just memorizing them.

    Good luck with it.
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    Khaos1911Khaos1911 Member Posts: 366

    You sir, are awesome! Will take a look at your link when I put in my study time later tonight. Thanks for the reply! Good luck with your studies as well.
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