Passed today, thoughts on exam

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Passed with a 694. Have MCP and A+ already but haven't tested recently. I have 5 years in tech support and Helpdesk with a good bit of network stuff mixed in. Used the new exam cram book for the new test and this site. Both were excellent resources.

I think experience helped in passing this but I can see how people say it is one of the easier tests. There were a few questions that surprised me. Atleast 2 on Mac OS X, a few unexpected on wireless antenna types. I thought the test was fair though. I just wish they didn't place emphasis on things like what cable lenght for which cable type (c'mon in the real world I google it or come to this site) and also why were there windows 98 questions on this? They were about winipcfg but I didn't think they were needed.

I would like to thank all from this site for your help.

What is a good next step for someone who is leaning toward network admin. Server+ Security+ or both or straight to MS exams?
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