Claiming Unemployment for hours not provided

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For those who resides in the tri-state area (NYC) or have knowledge of this, is it possible to claim unemployment for the full-time hours a contractor doesn't work? I am still employed as one and sometimes my manager doesn't provide me with work due to low-call volume. I tried to contact my local office, but I am having difficulties getting past the automated messaging system.


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    Are you an employee (W2) or a independent contractor (1099)?

    If you're a 1099, I really doubt you can get unemployment unless NY laws are very unusual. 1099s don't usually pay into unemployment insurance.

    As an employee, it is possible to get unemployment for under-employed times. Check with your local employment office, or whatever it's called in NY.
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    Not 100% sure about NY but where I live if your employed and file for unemployment your employer can appeal your unemployment (because they don't want their rates to go up) and you could end up unemployed.
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    I'm a W2, does this applies to W2 as well?
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    W2 is an employee. You should be paying taxes that include unemployment insurance. You'll have to ask the employment office if you can file, and how to do it, but it is normally possible to claim unemployment if you're not getting enough work.
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    My mistake, I found out I'm a W4 (non-exempt), does this apply to me? Sorry for asking too many questions.
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    Have no idea also don't know about your state. But in my state if you work 19 hours or under you can apply but it also have to be under the amount also. By that I mean if your state pays $250 and in 19 hours you make more you get nothing. If you make $240 then you get $10. You really need to talk to your boss about getting more hours or get another job or maybe picking up a part-time job. Heck some work on the side will be better than setting at home doing nothing.
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    Alhaji265 wrote: »
    My mistake, I found out I'm a W4 (non-exempt), does this apply to me? Sorry for asking too many questions.
    W4/W2 are the same thing. You fill out the W4 form, and at the end of the year you get a W2 from the employer which you file with the IRS.

    Like epcg said, typically the amount you would get (if eligible) would be prorated according to the amount of work you were getting. So if you work half-time, you would get half the unemployment.

    The only people who can give you real details are your state employment office. You need to call them.
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