Any good idea to take Server+ exam at lower fee

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I have some MS certs and have A+, N+ and i-Net+ from 10 yrs ago. I currently work in the field so I know that the value of certs are a matter of opinion. It may help in some cases, but it may not in some cases. It's really balance of many things. Your communication skill and people skill are probably of more worth unless you are a guru in one or two area of knowledge.

Be that as it may, anyone have any recommendation for finding server+ exam voucher in legit way at affordable price? Early exipration vouchers seem to be the best way, but you won't know which online stores will sell those when.


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    Keep looking on ebay you can find it sometimes for $175-$200. Also would recommend these books and also very cheap.

    The Concise Server+ Study Guide by Jonathan Lau -$10
    Sybex Server+ Study Guide Second Edition - used on amazon is around $5
    also LearnSmart sales their study guide sometimes for a $1 not bad either.
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