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Can somebody please enlighten me what is the reason to get the intro and icnd exam? Cisco said there's two part of the CCNA, so if I take both the intro and icnd and passed both of them will I become CCNA certified? or is it better to just take the CCNA? I don't get it. I'm looking for an easy way out here...


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    There's no easy way when it comes to the CCNA exam. ;)

    Yes, when you pass both the intro and icnd exams, you will be CCNA, just as when you take the single CCNA exam. 'A' valid reason for taking the two-exam route is that there's a lot of material to grasp, especially if you don't have a good foundation in networking technologies in general.
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    Thanks Johan, I will give the CCNA exam another try by the end of this week. I have purchase the video cbt lab 19 from trainsignal. Chris Byrant has a good way to explain things in a less complicating way than the standard cisco book but he doesn't cover all the material. I have to cramped all this material from the book and chris's tutorial into my head before the end of this week because I will be starting my bachelor classes after next week in Unix/linux, Project managements and etc and I know I won't have enough time to study for the CCNA.
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    good luck to you
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