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Hi, I am planning to give the GWAPT exam sometime soon.I have got some of the books mentioned around the forums here as well as some tools practice ,mainly Kali Linux and OWASP BWA.If there any other good tools,please do let me know.

However I was looking for practice exams ,so that I could be familiar (to some extent) with type of questions or the way they would appear during the exam.I know GIAC has some on their website but they are quite pricey ($129 for ONE paper!!). Are there any other sources where I could get some practice exams?I did find some website selling exam ****,has anybody ever them?Are they useful?

A few that I found, [URL="http://www.*********.com/gwapt.html"]



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    Notice the URLs are filtered in your post? That's an indication those are **** sites, and they are more likely interested in your credit card number than supply accurate exam study material. Yes, SANS/GIAC stuff is always expensive, but their practice exams are the most accurate assessment of your knowledge and what you will see on a GIAC exam.
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    Thanks for the info as well as letting me know why the urls were getting filtered.The sites did look very shady to me,that's why i thought I would ask about it here.
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    So anyone recomend anything for preparing for the certification??Thanks!
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    Had you forgotten about samurai WTF? It was created by the Sans instructor Kevin Johnson. Be resourceful and keep within the limited. Google opens up a new world to lots of things.
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