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Hi Guys !

This is my first topic so first of all I want to say hello to everyone ! Ok so I have a question about next certification exam I should take. Five months ago I passed CCNA and I've been working as an IT Helpdesk Specialist for 8 months. I do mostly desktop and network support (simple VPN, DNS, VoIP issues, sometimes I configure cisco routers and switches for remote locations of our corporation).

In the future I would like to do mainly network administration and I'm wondering if it is a good idea to pass CCNP now or I should wait until I gain some more experience ? I have already done a lot of HSRP, VRRP, Spanning-Tree, Vlans, BGP, configurations. Frankly speaking it is not my duty but I have very experienced network engineer in my team so he shows me everything :) I don't know if I should wait for an opening in network team (most possible soon) or change my current job ?

Thanks guys !!


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    I would say go for CCNP, and keep showing interest in networking at your job so hopefully while you are studying for CCNP a job opens up, and the network engineer could put in a word for you since you are showing initiative that you want to advance. Also welcome to the forums!
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    I don't why not. You are already learning and working with advanced network topics (beyond the CCNA), why not learn further and go for the CCNP. Sounds like you have a nice gig :)
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    Unless you need more money NOW, sounds like a nice situation. Mentor + ability to get at work experience toward CCNP. If you like staring at command prompts this is the route. CCNA voice pays incredibly though, something to consider now that you have the CCNA.. and if you like a gui.. sometimes.
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    Thank You guys; I appreciate a quick reply ! I have the same thoughts. I'm going to take CCNP and it would be SWITCH module first cuz think it is the easiest part for me :) So thanks again !

    Now collecting some books and delve a little bit deeper into the topic. Then use a work lab.

    Actually I was wondering if I should go straight for CCNA Voice after CCNA but to my way of thinking it's better to understand deeper RS and then hit the Voice.

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