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IF you possess several Professional Certifications and you have written and passed the CCIE Writen exam for Data Center, do you still have to write the CCNA exam for Data Center before you write the Professional Data Center exams.

Would the CCIE written not negate the CCNA Data Center prerequisite.


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    Looking at the Cisco exam track for CCNP Data Center:

    CCNP Data Center - IT Certifications and Career Paths - Cisco Systems


    Valid Cisco CCNA Data Center certification or any Cisco CCIE certification can act as a prerequisite.
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    If you have a CCIE you can go for a certain CCNP without having the CCNA for that CCNP. However, I don't think a partial CCIE counts. You must be a full CCIE.
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    sectel wrote: »
    Would the CCIE written not negate the CCNA Data Center prerequisite.

    The CCIE Written is an exam, not a certification, and it doesn't meet the CCIE requirement by a longshot.
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