Resume: Task vs Accomplishment

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I have a dilemma on how to write my own resume. Task base or accomplishment base. My sister is a super sales and she said always put accomplishment because recruiter probably able to tell your tasks from your title. However, when I look at all the IT resume, they all listed their tasks.

For example, a Unix admin basically repeats system install, patch, application install, etc on every job they ever have. It looks like he copied it from the job description that HR put out.

Is this the best way to capture the recruiter's attention?

Example of a (partial) resume: I removed date and company:
Position: Unix Administrator (Sun/Solaris 10/RedHat Linux)
* Install, configure and upgrade Solaris 10 UNIX Operating Systems
* Maintain and support Sun-Fire-25k environment
* Perform patch upgrade on Sun-Fire-25k Veritas Cluster Servers
* Setup dev/prod environment of Solaris 10 on virtual servers
* Create zones and maintain zfs file systems on Solaris 10
* Maintain and support LDAP system on Solaris 10 and RedHat Linux
* Troubleshoot and resolve login issue on LDAP environment
* Manage existing highly available DB services using VCS
* Maintain and support Veritas Cluster Servers
* Create Alternate Boot Environment for OS upgrade
* Maintain file system using LVM on RedHat Linux
* Support and maintain SAMBA servers on Solaris and RedHat
* Discover LUNS and create Veritas and VCS file systems
* Troubleshoot NIC issue on Solaris and RedHat
* Manage RedHat Linux and VMware ESX servers
* Many day-to-day problem solving and user assistance activities,
such as Solaris and RedHat

Position: Unix Administrator (Sun/Solaris)
* Install, configure and upgrade Solaris 2.8 to Solaris 10 UNIX
Operating Systems
* Maintain and support Solaris 10 Operating Systems
* Install and configure Solstice DiskSuite
* Mirroring disks with Solstice DiskSuite
* Perform migration of NIS environment to NISTool
* Maintain and support NISTool environment
* Perform migration of non NIS servers (SuSe Linux, AIX, & Solaris)
to NIS environment
* Maintain numerous High Availability Veritas Cluster Server
instances on systems
* Administer Veritas Volume Manager 3.5 & 4.0
* Provide system support for midrange Sun servers, including routine
maintenence, patching, system backups and restorals, and software and
hardware upgrades
* Monitoring and tuning servers for optimum performance
* Install oracle9 & oracle10g. Install Weblogic & Jboss
* Setup reverse proxy & install apache on Red Hat
* Configure IP address & change host name on Red Hat

Position: Unix Administrator (Sun/Solaris)
* Responsible for providing Unix Systems Administration support to a
Production Environment
* Installation, configuration, patching and tuning of SUN Solaris
2.8, Solaris 2.9 and Solaris 10 UNIX Operating Systems
* Upgrade Veritas 3.0, 3.5 to Veritas 4.0 and 4.1. Increase and
shrink Veritas file systems
* Interpret plex, volume and fix plex and volume failures. Create new
file systems
* Configure and manage disks, disk groups and volumes. Administer
Veritas file systems
* Troubleshooting Operating System (OS) and Sun's internal
application related issues
* Implement and verify failover and failback capability for
application and DB services
* Systems administration, maintenance and monitoring various
day-to-day operations
* Adding Resources. Configure service groups and resources on VERITAS
Cluster Server
* Perform backups, restores, and backup policies using Legato
* Automation and implementation of file systems backup and
* Verify and troubleshoot a network interface. Monitor network
* Install, configure and manage Sysedge software


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