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I've been wanting a tablet PC for quite some time now but the price tag has always been a bit high. I watched auctions for the last 6 months and recently purchased a Motion Computing M1200 for the few hundred I was able to set aside. It is really a cool device. I think those who are planning on getting the CWNA might want to look at getting one of these for site surveys.

You can get a laptop/tablet combo unit or just a tablet. I have a few laptops already and I think you lose some of the functionality of a tablet when you get the combo unit so I bought only the tablet which is also referred to as a "slate". Apparently Windows XP SP2 upgrades the OS to Tablet PC edition 2005. (Thanks MS). It is a nice device for taking notes while studying for certs and a great device to take with you anywhere. It can be used easily while standing up when a laptop would usually be cumbersome.

I will update this post with some links to pics once I take them. So far I am excited.
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    That is great you are finding your new purchases a good investment :)

    I've some clients using the Toshiba Protege and have found it rather useful. I like them too, but just do not want to invest that much myself ;)
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    I currently use a toshiba portege with Tablet PC 2005 edition. To compliment it I use have a Toshiba satellite M20 with Linux Redhat 9. For site surveys I usually use an IPaq. I never leave home without these three. They all fit nicely in my back pack.
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