Which course should I take eLearn security Pro or WAPT course?

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Hi all,

I've just joined this forum I am thinking of taking the WAPT course but from what I've read the Pro course covers a lot of the same ground as the WAPT course? The reason I was thinking of taking the WAPT course is because my current employer is a large player in cloud based services. And in my role as a software tester I think the WAPT would be of great benefit to me and them.

I have a lot experience testing all types of systems and can code in a wide range of languages (Java, python, ruby, javascript Lua etc) to intermediate level. I also have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP etc. So really what I am asking is should I take the Pro course instead of the WAPT if more than 50% of the same material is covered by the Pro course?


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    First, I've never taken a course through eLearnSecurity. I have a close friend who, last we spoke, was going through the WAPT course and really enjoyed it. I don't know anyone who has taken either of their other courses.

    If 50% of the material is the same, or 75% of the material is the same, I would still probably go with the WAPT. The other 25-50% is what is really going to be focused on web applications, which you may find the most useful if you operate in a highly cloud-based environment.

    As always, though, it mostly comes down to what you want to be doing.
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    I would say the WPT, you will see some code and web application login, I am taking the course and it is good.
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    Cool I kinda answered my own question looking forward to starting the course soon....
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