AT&T Teleconference Interview in a few days. Need help.

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Hello. I applied to AT&T and I received an email to take some logic test. I took it and passed. I was suppose to take a 2nd test but I was exempt because of my CCNA. Now I have a phone interview coming up in a few days with 3 managers. Anyone have any experience with AT&T interviews or have any insight to what I should be expecting? I provided the link to the job in case anyone can help me. Thx. I'm really nervous because I really want this job. Any help would be appreciated.

At&t Customer Engineer Iii New York N.y-Technician jobs in New York at AT&T


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    Pertinent details, for those who don't want to click through--
    Be available to work day, evening, or night shifts including weekends and holidays. Flexibility for overtime and callouts also needed.

    Perform on-site maintenance for routers, switches and modems, working closely with remote Engineering personnel

    Act as hands & eyes for remote engineer for problem resolution, checking inside wire connectivity and device functionality.

    Be able to spend most of the shift moving, standing, stooping, lifting and/or climbing ladders

    Be able to lift up to 50 lbs
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