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i need things like this, you are a good web admin and thank you for all the replies you give people they are very useful. although i have read one of your replies about how you shouldn't study too much before, and i know people are all different but i study for my CCNA and Network + up to the last minute before my test and got greate scores on my test, ie CCNA 952, Network + i got 50 less than the most points you can get (sorry don't remember exactly but it wasn't just barley passing like most the people who take their cert does). just food for thought.
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    Hey Moose

    I think what the moderator is trying to impart is that if you know your subject thoroughly a good nights sleep prior to the test is much better than stressing out trying to learn stuff you already know.
    Watching various people take the test at my training establishment I have seen many doing last minute cram and just totally confusing themselves so much that they fail. icon_confused.gif

    studied show that being relaxed and having a good sleep prior to an exam has the brain in a much better state to locate stored information icon_idea.gif
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    yeah, apparently listening to classical music while studying has a positive impact on results. A clinical test was done in the UK where half the class were given classical music to listen to while studying while the other half could listen to music of their choice. The people listening to clasical music got alot higher results.

    Also planning your study time and organizing by chapters way before the exam then having the evening before to relax and not think about the upcoming exam helps, as already mentioned.

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    well clinical tests also prove that 4 out of 5 dentist recommend crest...lol...just kidding guys icon_lol.gif
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