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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been answered on the forum or somewhere clearly on the internet, but I am having difficulty getting an exact answer. I'm lost as to whether or not simply passing a higher level exam will renew lower exams, or if CE fees still need to be paid.

From CompTIA's website:

"For certification holders enrolled in the Continuing Education Program, the following higher-level certifications will grant full credit for a CE certification renewal."

Now, when I received my Network+ back in 2011, it was the CE version of the exam, and therefore expires next year. I just passed Security+. CompTIA ranks Sec+ as higher than Net+, so therefore my Net+ should now be renewed for another 3 years, correct? I'm confused because I'm not sure if I need to pay the CE fees first before the Security+ pass will give me CE credits, or if CE is simply a separate path to renewing certs as opposed to actually taking more tests.

Could anyone clear this up for me? Thanks!


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    No you do not need to pay the CE fees I believe you only need to do that when renewal through CUs or third party certifications. I obtained my A+ then network+ a few months later my A+ on the website expiration date changed to my network+ expiration date. So as long as it's part of the 5 comptia CE certs Security+, A+, Net+, Storage+, and CASP then you shouldn't have to pay the renewal fee.
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    Taking an exam that is listed higher will renew your lower certs. Just remember that retaking the highest exam when it is about to expire will do the same. After you get past CASP your going to either have to pay or retake CASP every 3 yrs.
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    Alrighty that'll do. Thanks guys!
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