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Hi Guys,

I'm new to the forums, but have recently found them, and found them to be helpful.

I have been studying for around 2 weeks, but administered a Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint 2003 platform for 2 years. Along with provide support on Windows Server 2008 R2 for the same period.

I have booked my Exam for the 10th September, I am hoping I can pass the exam within this period given proper study time, I do have some questions however?

1 - I know the Exam is 60 Questions, 120 Minutes, however, can anyone tell me the scoring on the exam. I would like to know. What total score can be achieved, how much each question is worth, and the pass/fail score?

2 - I have been using CBT Nuggets and Train Signal so far, as well as lab everything on my server, are there any good exam Reference books specifically designed at what will be covered in the Exam, I have been using MS Press Exam 70-410, but not found this as good as the videos.

3 - I have been using practice Exams from the Exam Collection website, however have found some technical inaccuracies around some of the answers (For example the authors knowledge of the FSMO Model), can anyone suggest any good, preferably free, or very cheap practice exams that are like the real test, and will mark like the real test?

Sorry for the wall of text,


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