Social Engineering Attacks

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I have read through a lot of resources for the Security+ exam pertaining to Social Engineering attacks. I wanted to ask some of you on this forum what social engineering attack you guys/girls think is the most prevalent?



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    I would assume that SE through email is the most common one.

    Many people still do not know that the sending address of an email can be easily faked and therefor can be victims of these attacks.

    On the other hand it's probably popular because it's cheap, easy to do and pretty anonymous.

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    Although social engineering attacks by telephone are commonly uses as examples in social engineering papers, I agree that SE through email is the most common one.

    Here's a thought: social engineering involves impersonation, and could be looked at as the non-technical equivalent of spoofing. In a phishing attack these two usually come together as the sender address is spoofed, in an attempt to social engineer the target (which does involve more than just spoofing the address, the content of the email has to be convincing.

    Here's another one: social engineering attacks through email can be divided into two main categories. Personal and public attacks. The first is targetted at a single person/company and the contents is targetted to that entity personally. The second is a phishing attack in which a large public is targetted with the same content. The first is obviously more like a classical Kevin Mitnick social engineering attack in which a telephone call is made to fool a target into disclosing information.
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    << has been suckered in by one of those. Easy to happen when your mind is away with the faries and you are not concentrating on the job in hand.
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    Call me old fashion, I prefer telephone impersonation like my ideal kevin M.
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    kevin also had a female making calls for him....
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    Yes absolutely by email. Many SE attacks are accredited to spoofed email headers. I have seen it in relation to email claiming to be from the IT department.
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