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Hi guys,

I passed my SSCP last friday. Wanted to shared my exp and also wanted some advise on CISSP.

- I went through Darril Gibson SSCP AIO exam guide which was very useful. I did not study any other books. But I did purchase set of 125 questions from isc2.org (studISCope) which were very handy as well. I went through Darril's book almost twice. I found exam was very long and questions were also hard. I had to read through each question multiple times to understand and analyze answers accordingly. I just managed to finish about 7-8 mins before completion time. I suggest if you don't know the answer, mark for review later and move on to next one, this is very helpful feature of online testing compare to what I am used in Cisco where you have to answer each question to go to next one.

I wanted an advise on what books to read through for CISSP and how much time should I spend? Please advise. Thanks


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