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If this is in the incorrect location then please move it.

I've searched to see if this topic was brought up, but didn't find anything. So similar to Post your Lab thread, this will be, Post your Certification Book Collection.

I'll start with an image and then list what I have. (Will edit when I have more time)



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    Most of mine are either digital or rented but heres the list:
    Darril Gibson's Security+ book
    Wendell Odom's CCENT\CCNA new book series
    Jean Andrew's A+ guide
    Microsoft Official Academy MCSA 2008 book series
    Tamara Dean Network+ guide to network
    Sybex CWNA
    and more books to come!
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    I only have the Safari versions. I save trees icon_wink.gif

    Good thread, BTW!
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    LPI Edition 1 in a nutshell
    LPI Edition 2 in a nutshell
    Oreilly LDAP Administration
    RHCSA/RHCE Michael Jang RHEL6
    Pro Bash Programming
    Python for System Administrators
    Oreilly Ubuntu Server Administration
    A Practical Linux Guide
    MCITP:SA books
    Beginning C Programming by Horton
    C Programming
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    Two more stacks of books behind the books on the second shelf. Im sure there are more scattered around the house.
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    I don't have much of a physical book collection anymore. I believe I still have the Bryant CCNP series books, but that's about it. I tend to give books away after using them. For example, I don't have a CISSP, Microsoft, CEH, CCNA, or CompTIA book anymore, and I used to have these in physical format.

    I'm using electronic materials, due to two reasons:
    1 - portability
    2 - a lot of the material that I look at nowadays (RFCs, proprietary information, blogs, streaming video) is usually electronic

    If I have to fly somewhere, I'll print out some notes so that I have something to review during takeoffs and landings. Otherwise, I'll just use an e-reader.
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    I love physical books, they always remind me of things I have achieved :-]
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    Wish I could take a picture, but don't have a bookshelf in place at the moment.

    * Sybex CCNA Study Guide by Todd Lammle
    * Sybex CCNA IOS Commands Survival Guide by Todd Lammle
    * Sybex Security+ Review Guide by James Stewart
    * Exam Cram Security + Authorized Practice Questions by Kirk Hausman, Martin Weiss, and Diane Barrett (currently out on loan)
    * CEH All-In-One by Matt Walker
    * CEH All-In-One Practice Exams by Matt Walker
    * Official CEH Review Guide by Steven DeFino and Larry Greenblatt
    * SSCP All-In-One by Darril Gibson
    * Sybex A+ Complete Study Guide, Third Edition (220-301 and 220-302) by David Groth (from 2003!!! Don't know how this one got into my collection...I found it in my boxes when I was unpacking when I has my old supervisor's signature on the inside cover for some reason...ooopps!)

    Not a fan of giving away or selling books once I've completed the certification they were written for. I always like to reference them here and there to refresh myself as well as use them to compound any future studies.

    I don't do digital unless the books come with a free copy. Even in that case, I will only access the digital versions on my desktop and briefly (or if I'm 'labbing' or taking a practice test if needed).

    I'm a big fan of using sticky notes to make easy reference and access to things I wish to review or note. That and I like to scribble in the margins if I feel I have to (in light pencil ;)).
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    The last physical book I have is Sybex CWNA 1st Ed. which I meant to do but the exam got updated so I haven't done much with it. As for the rest they are PDF/ePub or Safari.

    Most recent is Exam Ref 410 & Training Guide and Exam Ref 687 & Training Guide. The last book was just yesterday I bought the Sybex MCSA 2012 book.

    I try to use Safari wherever possible.
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    So you're trying to tell us that you're an Apple genius? ;)
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    My bookcase from IKEA used to hold a ton of technical books, it now holds Lego models and other collectibles lol.

    Amazon got me good with it's highlights and distributed notes across all my devices.
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    Mine collapsed under the weight. Since I've moved I've put them into a converted window frame opening; think built in bookshelves.
    Having the books in electronic format is handy but sends my eyes wonky having looked at monitors so much throughout the day.
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    I have about 25 to 30 book titles. Need to sell some of the older stuff or donate it.
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    sratakhin wrote: »
    I have about 25 to 30 book titles. Need to sell some of the older stuff or donate it.

    What books are those? icon_twisted.gif I'd love to add some more to my collection that I'd eventually get to reading..

    While I find the practically of having e-books I find myself also having issues staring at a monitor again for x amount of hours while have already stared at them from a 9 hr shift.

    @Vanquis23 Great collection, I love the assortment that you have.

    @jvrlopez Great tip about the sticky notes.. I'll have to start doing that. I'm sure it makes things a whole lot easier when trying to find something you recall reading
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