Junos Upgrade Help needed

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I am planning to upgrade my router with dual Routing-Engine.
My confussion :-

I was thinking about uploading jinstall file in the var/tmp location then install it one by one. That is Back-up RE first then make it master then the Other RE.
What i want to know was if there are seperate /var/tmp location for both RE's ? or a common location.

Example if i upload the file in /var/tmp location and loggin to Back-up RE and type request system upgrade add validate /var/tmp/name
will it fetch the file or Both RE's have different /var/tmp location ?

Secondly i want to know if i use request system snapshot for backup will it backup both RE's files (if they are running different or same Junos version).

Thanks in advance

Juniper Noob :D


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    zoidbergzoidberg Member Posts: 365 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Each RE will have its own hard drive and file system. You'll need to copy the file to /var/tmp on both routing-engines. Should be able to do something like file copy /var/tmp/junos-image re1:/var/tmp to copy from one RE to the other.

    I believe the snapshot command defaults to do a snapshot for both routing-engines, and I think it has options to let you specify a particular RE you want to snapshot. I haven't tried a snapshot with two REs on different code, but my guess is it will work.
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    llllvllllllllvllll Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Wiil give it a try and let you know :) Thanks
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