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I am not sure if this is in the right area, but can someone suggest a good beginners book to learn Java, I am about to take a Java class this next semester in school and would like peoples suggest, and once you learn Java, how hard is C# or C to learn? Thanks for the help as always.
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  • Master Of PuppetsMaster Of Puppets Posts: 1,210Member
    I liked Head First Java. I read Head First Python and liked it a lot so I had a good feeling about the one on Java.

    Generally, the most important thing is to learn to program. The language you choose is less significant - if you can do it in 1 language, you can to it in another without that much trouble.

    Going from Java/C/C++ to Python can take some getting used to. IMHO, the transition you are describing won't be that big of a deal. Go on StackOverflow and google it a bit and you're going to see the specifics.
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    Thanks Master, I will look up here in a bit and check it out.
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    Another for Head First Java
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    From what i've heard, C# is based off Java so both of those are similar. Is Java and C++ that are vastly different.
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    head first books are usually pretty good. I'd say go with that. Plus, they aren't too expensive.
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    I personally wouldn't bother with a book if you're taking a class. The idea of the class should be that it will have the necessary resources for you to learn.

    C++ and C# should not be too tough after Java. All three are object oriented and use similar syntax. Java is built on and modeled after C++, and C# is modeled after C++.

    I would not lump C in there necessary. Although C++ is in a way a superset of C, the programming styles are completely different, and if you program in C style using C++, you're gonna have a bad time (and likely be fired from a C++ dev position). C is worth learning; just keep in mind it operates very differently from C++, C#, and Java.

    Ultimately, if you know C and C++, you'll be able to pick up on just about any programming or scripting language with some ease. Knowing the concepts and different programming styles ultimately will make learning any language about figuring out syntactic differences, which are at the end of the day are trivial.

    Also, do think about your goals. Depending on how you like Java, you may decide you want to be developing software or programming professionally in some capacity. Learning C and C++ are going to be great, if that's your goal. If you're just learning Java for school and ultimately want to work in infrastructure (e.g. systems or network administration), I honestly think C and C++ are overkill. Java will give you a strong enough foundation in programming concepts and object-oriented design that picking up PowerShell, BASH, Python, and other languages you might use will be fairly easy. Studying C and C++ will give you strong knowledge of low-level concepts and that's great, but relatively few infrastructure positions will use that.
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    A great way to learn java is from pluralsight or lynda.
  • Snow.brosSnow.bros Posts: 832Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    extriquek wrote: »
    A great way to learn java is from pluralsight or lynda.

    What is pluralsight or lynda if you don't mind me asking?icon_confused.gif:
  • petedudepetedude Posts: 1,510Member
    Snow.bros wrote: »
    What is pluralsight or lynda if you don't mind me asking?icon_confused.gif:

    Pluralsight is a training site for programmers, much like what CBT Nuggets is to systems admins.
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