Military TA approval time for WGU?

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Anyone had any issues with TA approval for WGU? I requested TA on the GoArmyEd site a week ago and it still says pending. I called them a few minutes ago and they said that there is nothing they can do, they do each case in order and expect people to turn in their degree plan / request TA 2 months before their start date. There is no way it should take 2 months to approve TA, especially considering the vast majority of requests are from LOI schools that do not even need approval. I need to have everything approved and turned into WGU by the 14th or I have to wait another month as you all know, pretty annoying that WGU sent me my degree plan at the last minute(they've done this twice now) after several phone calls, yet expects me to have everything back mid-month. /rant ..any advice is appreciated.

I really need to get in on 1 Sept because 1 Oct is the start of the new fiscal year, meaning I forfeit $4,500 for 2013.


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    have you tried talking to your Ed-Center? Sometimes they can look further into the system.
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    As a contingency plan, I'd suggest reading ahead and prepping for any courses that you must take, pending enrollment. You can get a lot of information about the courses prior to enrollment, by perusing the PDFs on their website.

    For example, this is the plan for BS: IT Security


    As far as the fiscal year thing, I can see whereby you may have a delay, while you wait for a new fiscal year to begin. In the meantime, you could be reading ahead, and working on assignments anyway, as you can still view what the assignments require from the course of study, prior to the assessments getting unlocked in TaskStream.

    So, you could plan it like this:

    1. Do the six month term.
    2. Between terms, study ahead for the courses you desire to take at the next term.
    3. When the next term starts, be ready to submit a lot of assignments and advance.

    Depending on how much you bring to the table, you can do quite well and complete within a year-and-a-half of starting.
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