Passed!! Strange Exam

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First of all, let me start my saying that the Network+ Exam was FAR different than what I expected. My test did not focus on the obvious objectives. Maybe a TOTAL of 9 or 10 questions to do with port numbers, OSI, TCP/IP suite, etc. The test I took was geared more towards UNIX and MAC OS/X non-internet questions. Also, a coulple of questions I didn't even see on the CompTIA Revised Objectives list. Still, the process of elimination can work wonders for anyone who has a thorough understanding of the basics. Anyway, I'm hittin' the books on 70-270 now and good luck to anyone taking the N+ exam in the future!!
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    FIM website of the year 2007
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    :) Great!
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    congrats mate i had a similar exam and it is amazing if you understand the basics what the process of elimination can do for you.
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