Passed! On to MCP

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Passed today with 574. Not the highest score but still passed.

Any tips for MCP(Windows XP)?
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    The XP exam is thorough, but most of what I've seen tends to focus on group permissions and benefits of things like NTFS, plus basic networking and utilities.

    the 270 seems to be one you can study for on your own without too much trouble, but expect very deep scenarios for any of the MS exams.
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    Please share a bit about how you prepared for the exam.
    Any tips for MCP(Windows XP)?
    Check out our 70-270 forum for tips from current and previous 70-270 candidates. Best tip I can give is to make sure you have access to a computer running Windows XP SP2 and get hands-on with all the main and new features.
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    I prepared for net+ using mostly the sybex deluxe edition. This book came with a virtual lab that helped me out tremedously. I also prepared using the technotes off of this site, along with the practice exams.
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    A pass is a pass, good luck on win Xp
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