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Hi guys,i passed my Security + yesterday....i love Systems Security,i currently hold A+,N+ and now i have the S+.i was thinking of takin the SSCP exam and would like to kno if its a good idea or should i jus jump straight into CISSP.i plan to have CISA in the near future so i want to kno which path to take at this point.



  • da_vatoda_vato Member Posts: 445
    To my understanding Security+ and SSCP are relatively equals as far as knowledge so personally I would shoot for either one, the CISA or CISSP next. Someone with more knowledge of the SSCP will chime in soon I'm sure.
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,878 Admin
    Go straight for the CISSP if you already have the 4-5 years of required professional Information Security experience to become fully CISSP-certified. The SSCP is a good cetfication, but the CISSP will earn you far more recognition than the SSCP ever will.
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    I found the SSCP to be easy. Easier than the Security+. I don't know that having both will do me any good, so I'm kind of wishing I Had just gone straight for the CISSP or the CISM.
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,878 Admin
    SSCP is really for people just out of college who might have a year or less of InfoSec experience, or for people that want to a cert similar to the CISSP first. Many candidates do not consider that the SSCP also has the added cost of $65/year in AMF.
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    Thank you guys for your valid input.i think i will go for the SSCP soonest,then proceed to take the CISSP and CISA in that order.but a qstion also,how marketable is a combination of these certs that i have A\N\S+ bcoz i currently work as a technician and i really want to move to higher grnd.I think dermographics ve a lot to play.
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    I am guessing as to what you're asking, but let me use several metaphors to emphasize the point that I'm not sure you're looking for:
    (A/N/S)+ are three entry level certifications. They're career ampicillan. It's entry level certification buckshot.

    Now that I've gotten that out of the way, (A/N/S)+ probably aren't enough to get you beyond technician without some experience. You need to keep your resume out there; get and stay in touch with recruiters, even if you don't meet any of their current position requirements. The certifications are to validate knowledge and help get you interviews, they won't get you jobs.
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