Resume Critique & Advice Please

Hello guys,

In need of help here.
Looking for a new gig. Current one, got hours reduced due obama-care....sooo yup.

If you could please check out my resume and comment on it.




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    lsud00dlsud00d Member Posts: 1,571
    I think you can get this down to one page if you adjusted the spacing and worked in the 1 page of skills and abilities into your work experience

    Remove the Reference* section (I laughed at 'Referees available on request') :)

    Rework the experience into the PAR format when possible: http://www.pitoninc.org/2011/03/write-a-better-resume-with-the-p-a-r-format/

    Provide the month/year that you received the certification

    TBH I would leave the desktop support position off since it was so long ago and for a brief amount of time...if it comes up in an interview you can discuss it

    The descriptions seem generic...add in specific applications/software/device models/versions/etc.
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    EssendonEssendon Member Posts: 4,546 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Dont take this to heart but that's a dull and boring resume, TBH. It reads like the contents of a history book.

    Take a look at this thread for a winning resume > http://www.techexams.net/forums/jobs-degrees/91333-resume-time.html

    I bet if you incorporated the format into your resume, it'll come out way better. You've to make the interviewer pick up the phone and call you up. The current version doesnt do that. Post up a revised version and we'll provide more critique.
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