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I'm very interested in getting this certification, but im very new to all this information. Is there anything you can suggest for me to get a better score on the practice tests, A+hardware or A+OS any core exam. icon_sad.gif


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    the best way to pass any of these exams is to get a good book (or collection of books), continual study and an adequate amount of hands-on with the subect matter.

    for a+, the hands-on should normally amount to taking your computer apart and putting it back together again, though if you have funds, it is best to build a computer from the ground-up or, at least, buy some 2nd user computers and swap parts between them.

    for the operating systems exam, i would suggest trying to get experience of working with as many of the operating systems that are covered by the exam, but as nt, windows 2000 and xp are very similar operating systems, experience of one of them and a member of the windows 9x family will be adequate.
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