Comptia A+ 01 & 02 - How long to learn?

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Hi guys, i am looking to build a career, now, i like IT,but i wouldn't call myself a hobbyist. I have never built or opened up a PC. I was recommended a course. For the Comptia A+ essential exam, the course is 4 days class based learning 9:30-4:30, followed by 3 weeks home based learning. Same goes for the A+ technical, 4 days class, 3 weeks home. This is then followed with 5 days in the class to learn MCTS 2007 followed by 3 weeks at home again.

Is it realistic for a beginner to learn and pass Comptia A+ in that time? The course is very expensive and the deposit is close to 2k. They are pressuring me for a decision and i want to know more before i part with my money. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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    Hmm... I mean, the time needed is going to vary wildly from person to person, but I think that the time frame you've given is realistic, sure. As to the value: that depends on how well you study on your own and whether $2K is a big deal to you. If the program is already more than 75% home-based, I'd question how necessary the classes really are. They might give you some hands-on access to some computer internals and whatnot, but for $2K you could buy yourself some parts for a really nice computer or two, learn by building them, and then keep 'em when you're done!

    Personally, I don't feel that the material is so difficult that it requires in-person, interactive explanation, but your mileage may vary. If you have a little time to decide, maybe pick up an A+ study book (preferably whichever one the class uses, if applicable), start reading through it and working through practice questions and exercises, and then self-evaluate. If you feel like you're grasping the material just fine, keep going it alone. If you struggle on your own, maybe the class is the way to go (and you've already got a head start on your reading assignments).

    Either way, good luck!
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    Thanks for the reply!

    2k is just the deposit, the overall cost of the course + exams is 6k. Once you've passed the Comptia A+ exams and MCTS 2007, they find you a job in 1st line support. You then have upto a year to take Windows server 08 and Cisco exams when you feel you are ready. I just worry becasue i currently know very little about the inner workings of a PC. I don't have time, they are pressuring me, and if i say no now, I'm not sure they'll let me on this course down the line.
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    Hate to chime in but.... I know, that they know, that we know you are being scammed.

    Take your money and start at your local community college with some computer courses. Volunteer to help with computer projects. Get a few good books and even then, you can find almost all you need to know for free on the net.

    Check Professor Messer, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Linux, Microsoft Certification Training

    Polycosm speaks truth to you, "I don't feel that the material is so difficult that it requires in-person, interactive explanation, but your mileage may vary."

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    RUN do not walk away from that deal...RUN!

    You can buy a lot of tech books and videos from CBT Nuggets or TRAINSIGNAL and still not spend $6k.
    No one will 'give' you a job just because you completed their course either. There was one deal like this locally and they way promised work was by usually hiring those students to work for them in a high turnover position. This way they could say that 95% job placement happened, but just not with real employers...

    Volunteer. Try to job shadow. Gain experience any way you possible can. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so it takes time to gain the experience and knowledge to be proficient, and I hope that is your goal. Look five and ten years out. A+, NET+ are both great certs to begin with. Get some experience though...not just book knowledge. Then see what you enjoy and continue from there...more MS certs? More Cisco certs? security? Linux? Any of those are good paths, but they are a bit different, do not pick on that sounds cool, pick one you enjoy working in so you excel.
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