A Few Questions

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Hello I am new to this site, I have read a few of the posts in the formus, and I appologize in advance if I ask something that was already asked, or discussed.
I am currently on a MCSE track, I passed my A+ and Net+ with little to no difficulty, I only used this site, www.mcmcse.com, and a sybex book. I was curious, since this is my first MS Exam, what else I should do. I looked into other online testing, and such like that, but I am on a very limited budget. I have read the SYBEX Book Study Guide for Win XP.
I also forgot to mention that I am currently working in the IS Field and working with XP Everyday.
I know that every person is different when rating the difficulty of an Exam. Just looking for a little imput before I go take the exam. Just would like a little bit of professional feed back.

Thanks ^^
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