Passed today (pass again) πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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Actually, I was former CISSP certified since 2008 but I stopped working as IT Professional to work in the kitchen (My own restaurant). However, I gave up my business and return to the IT track again, that's why I have to take the examination again. Sorry all, English is not my first language, but what I want to say is the exam change it perspective, in 2008 in quite more technical than the recent one. so when you prepare for the exam, please think from the management point of view, remember the concept and its strengths and weaknesses, the exam is straightforward which you can easily discard two incorrect answers. I would recommend you sit all 6 hours as I did. I finished all 250 questions in first 3 hours with more than 120 questions to review, then I come back to review them in 2 hours. The last hour, I was quickly review all the questions again. BTW, I used shon Harris and official book (only practice exams), read Eric Conrad (11 Hours 3 times) and spent only 3 weeks preparation. So, the exam is not that difficult, please do not panic!!! Good Luck Everyone


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    Congratulations on passing the CISSP for a second time! icon_cheers.gif It's rare that we see a post here on such an accomplishment.
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    Congrats again!
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    I also passed today, though only for the first time. I would say your assessment is right on as it relates to focusing on management. I may post my experience and study path once I recover.
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    hello what is your official language? have u passed the exam in english only or in both? the questions are well written in your language?
    I want to pass it in french
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    Thank you all 😬😬😬
    My official language is Thai (Thailand). The language on the exam was in English both paper and computer version. The wording in the exam quite tricky and confusing in some questions, so I have no idea if testing in another language the outcome will be. I am sure that you can pass the exam if you carefully read the question carefully, then you can discard 2 or 3 incorrect answers. Good luck and we are waiting to congratulate you success.

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    Ok thanks for your answer.
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    Sawadee Kap, Congratulations on your second pass -- I am also living in Thailand (American) and am scheduled to take the test on Suk 21 next week on 28th in Bangkok. It will be my first shot at it, your post makes me feel a little better.... but I was wondering how you felt about the testing environment there (IE: too hot, too cold, too noisy).
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