I've been asked to elaborate my resume but...

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A recruiter asked me to elaborate my resume with projects and accomplishments. The only kind of jobs I've ever had are tech support jobs and it didn't involve any kind project. All I had to do basically is to fix things. I did have to upgrade a few computer labs here and there but nothing major and it's already on my resume anyway. I don't know what to do. Maybe I'm over thinking the whole project thing and I should just add more . Do you guys have any ideas? I know you don't know me nor my background but you know what an tech support job is so any tips would be appreciated.


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    A resume is all about wording things right. Not saying you lie about or exaggerate your work, but you need to word it right. It's slightly harder when you dont have the kind of experience that really pops out saying, look at me. From looking at your resume, here's how you can do it:

    Your current role:

    - There must have been a few days when you'd have taken more than 40 calls a day. Take the 3rd bullet out and create an Accomplishments section right under the last bullet. Chuck the 3rd bullet in there and say - Consistently worked on and resolved in excess of 40 calls in a day, usually outperforming rest of the team (not exaggerating I reckon, just wording it right)

    - Create a 2nd bullet in the Accomplishments section by taking out the last bullet about high scores. Are you able to put some percentages in? Are you able to say you resolved calls in 3 minutes when the average call resolution time was 5 minutes.

    Got you thinking now, I hope? Create similar bullets for your other jobs. If you just cannot think of anything for a role you've had, dont create the Accomplishments section at all. If someone asks you about it say you didnt have the job for long enough to be able to do something that really stood out.
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    Well, I'm working on my resume right now and trying to come up with something better than repetitive "Planned, implemented and maintained..."
    Not an easy task icon_sad.gif
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    lsud00dlsud00d Member Posts: 1,571
    Here's some action verbs to keep it from getting too dry-

    Pioneer, Engineer, Foster, Oversaw, Institute, Manage, Sustain, Advance, Establish, Introduce...etc.
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    phaneuf1 wrote: »
    A recruiter asked me to elaborate my resume with projects and accomplishments.
    Just remember, a recruiter's goals are not the same as your goals. Certainly, over the years, I've had several recruiters make recommendations contrary to my interests. When I was younger, I even listened to one!

    The advice may be sound. But take a step back and render your own opinion.
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    phaneuf1phaneuf1 Member Posts: 131
    I tried hard to shrink my resume to fit in 1 page, because everybody here seems to think that 1 page is better. Then this recruiter asks me to use at least 2 pages and put as much details as I can on my resume. Anyway I did what he asked because he know better what his client wants but I also kept the 1 page copy. Now I have one detailed and one short resume.
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