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I'm taking practice exams with the software discs that came with my Mike Meyers Passport book and Exam Cram book. The scoring with the Exam Cram book is set up more like the actual exams. I chose to have bonus questions on my practice test with the Exam Cram one, and it was the first time I've passed one of the practice exams...and I passed with flying colors. I was wondering, how does that work with the actual exams? Are there bonus questions that can make your score go up? For example, I got a 820/750.


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    No one but CompTIA knows how the exams are scored. There is a ton of speculation. Their may add BETA questions to the exams to see where the knowledge base is at and consider adding or deleting content based upon trends.

    Maximum score for a CompTIA exam is 900, period.

    Just need to answer enough correct to exceed that minimum score to have passed their exam.
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