Carryover of Server 2008 Concepts in Server 2012

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Hi all,

Let me start by saying that I tried searching for something in the vain of this but I didn't find the information I was looking for, TBH. Also, I am not a helpdesk tech that is looking to go straight to server admin. I've been doing a mixture of desktop and server admin work for over eight years now. Fed up with doing primarily desktop and want to transition into a sysadmin role but need to level up my knowledge. Been going through the server 2008 materials to brush up on the basics (DNS, AD, DHCP) and learning things that I haven't played with yet. My plan up to now is to go through the MCITP:SA curriculum to get hands on knowledge. Not really worrying about the certs for 2008, though, as I'm more concerned with the actual knowledge. From 2008 I then plan on moving forward to the 2012 materials. Given that I am not looking for the certs, what harm would it be for me to go through the 2012 material straight away versus doing 2008 materials and then 2012? Other than the interface changes, i'm imagining that the fundamentals are the same? I mean, I know that Server 2012 introduces features that are not in 2008, but I'm guessing that most of the features in 2008 are also in 2012? Just updated in some cases?

Essentially I'd like to know if by learning 2012 will there be things in 2008 that I will miss out on? Or will learning 2012 cover the fundamental concepts that are involved in 2008 along with learning the new 2012 features? I understand that UI wise there are things that will definitely be different. But at the same time my train of thought is that you take something like DNS and things like forward lookup zones will be the same fundamentally. Other things might be different, but if I learn the CONCEPT on 2012 then it won't be hard for me to put it into practice on 2008 if necessary? Hope that all made sense and thanks in advance!


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    Definitely learning Server 2008 you will bring plenty across to Server 2012. There are things which are brand new in Server 2012 but for the most part your AD, DNS, DHCP, file permissions they are very similar. But if you were to do it the other way around (learning Server 2012 only and then using 2008 ) then there are some fundamental changes to the GUI.

    Server Manager controls almost everything in Server 2012 which is not the same in Server 2008. You would have to adjust to that - although that's not huge. Powershell is extensive in 2012, in 2008 it's still there but there is not the depth like there is in 2012. 2012 has been specifically designed for extensive automation.

    The main point would be you are going to see Server 2008 more so than Server 2012. So I would probably go for the MCSA:2008 exams (70-640 + 70-642 + 70-646) - it would be great to have on your resume as well as Server 2012 (unless you only have the funds for one or the other - then go with MCSA/MCSE 2012).

    By only learning 2012 you miss out on the differences, while doing 2008 first you will pick up the differences between them. Especially if you do them one after another in quick succession. You should be able to power through the exams if you have previous server hands-on experience. It will be a while before you see widespread 2012 usage.
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