Cannot connect to the source filer in OSSV of windows 2000

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In one windows 2000 server SP4- XYZ, OSSV client is installed and the OSSV service is running in the configurator. But the storage team reporting that the error "Cannot connect to the source filer appears"

Connectivity between the server and the file server end is ok .From the command prompt of XYZ, I ran the below command:
C:\>telnet abc 10000 where abc is the name of the file server ; the port is opening in the file server end

I checked with another server 123 with similar configuration hardware as well software , OSSV backup is working fine.What difference I noted between the working 123 & non working XYZ, port 10000 inbound to xyz is not getting opened when I try to open from outside towards xyz, whereas in 123 , PORT 10000 INBOUND to it is opening

Please help to solve this issue!

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