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I have been in the IT field 26 years, actually doing CISSP work, not do not have my CISSP, my company has agreed to pay for any material and any books, and pay for test, but not any boot camp, etc.

I see a wonderful group of recommended book, shon harris appears to be the beat for home and office study. Someone at work gave me CISSP and CAP Prep from Wiley / Kruth / Vines, but is seems a little long and old.

Any other guides? Oh, what is the best for a 2013 / 2014 shon harris book?

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    I used nothing but the Eric Conrad book for my CISSP studies. It's about 1/3 of the length of the Shon Harris book, straight and to the point. If you already have 26 years of experience in the field, I think it's a good option. I also used the Eric Conrad 11th Hour Study Guide for my last 4 days of study, it is just basically the same thing as his big study guide, but is even more to the point and only outlines the most important topics. Make sure you use CCCURE for practice questions. These questions are nothing like the actual exam but they help re-enforce the concepts that you will need to know to dissect the actual exam questions.
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    NavyIT wrote: »
    Make sure you use CCCURE for practice questions.

    The CCCURE questions are inexpensive and extremely comprehensive. You won't find a better questions set, especially not for ($40?) the price.

    I also liked the book "CISSP for Dummies". It's short, cheap, and presents the information a lot differently than the other books I went through.
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