Possible SLARP Problem

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I had another problem configuring 4 routers and getting them to talk to each other. When i do the sh ip int brief command, under the method column, it says SLARP. Usually it'll say "manual", but this time it says "slarp". My question is, would this in any way stop me from connecting to other routers?

Another question is, how could I change it back from "slarp" to "manual" again? I'm going to take a final on these routers at my college next week, so any input would be DEEPLY appreciated. Thanks.
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    SLARP stands for Serial Line ARP, as far as i know this is inverse arp for HDLC.So from what you say you are receiving an IP address from a neighbour router.If your configure the IP address manually on the serial interface it should say manual,so do an int shutdown add an IP address and see what happens.
    It should not effect you connecting 2 routers.
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