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Currently studying for my A+ using Prof. Messer's videos, TrainSignal and I just received Exam Cram for 220 801 and 802 the other day. Does anyone find it easier to skip around the book following the objective list to study, kind of how Messer's videos are laid out, or did those who used it just read it front to back in the order it's in?

Is it better to do something like finish the series of videos, then read the book or read the book in sequence with what videos I'm watching? Any advice is appreciated!



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    grave_diggergrave_digger Member Posts: 127
    I would watch completely the vids then do the transatlantic material which is not set up for a fast learning. After do the cram exam for fast pace learning meaning getting straight to the point and once ur reading the cram exam you already have an idea what they are talking about because of the messer vids.
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    I'm using the exam cram book and watching PM's videos. I started at chapter one in the book, and the first MOBO video on PM and worked my way through both. So far its working for me. But i also write down all the throughput, measurements of data rates, etc....that's how i learn.

    Its more important to know how you learn, than what you need to learn. Try every method you can think of and you can find. I got lucky (I hope) and found that simply writing things down then reading them back seems to seal them in my brain. I also makes notes, or use those sticky page tabs to mark spots that I know I'm weak in. When I take practice tests, I write down the stuff I had trouble with and study that immediately after the quiz until I know it well. For me, if its a hassle and takes time...then it will probably make me learn the topic.

    Hows the trainsignal stuff compared to the PM vids?
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    DonM34DonM34 Member Posts: 139
    Here is how I went about studying which help me pass the 701 exam 1. I took an A+ prep course which was extremely helpful 2. Follow Prof Messer step by step tutoral 2. After completing each section of Professor Messer tutorial (i.e 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) I would use Certblast exam and test myself on each section. I concentrated more on 1.0 & 2.0 since each section is 38% of the exam. Plus I use various youtube clip as an addition study tool. I'm a more visual guy compared to cramming the books.
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    I read it from cover to cover in order.

    Then I went back and watched all the Prof Messer vids after.

    However, now I think I prefer to watch the videos first b4 diving into the reading. Makes the reading part easier and I spend less time on taking notes.
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