How to Download Ringtones and Desktops

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I recently purchased a Cisco 7960 IP Phone and after about 4-6 hours managed to get it to work. Packet Tracer didn't require installing any files on the Router when I did it on there. But, while I did get it to download the firmware and assign a number to the phone and created some call legs between that router and my existing Analog Voice router (2FXS + 2FXO) so that I could call my Analog Phones and make outbound calls...I couldn't figure out how to make it download the extra ringtones or desktops that were in the CME 8.5 files. It would be nice to be able to try out some of those extra ringtones.

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    Its been a while, so this could be wrong, but for adding ringtones, make sure that the extra ringtone files are in the same directory as the others and edit the 2 .xml files (ringtones.xml and distinctiveringtones.xml[?]) to add the extra ringtone file names (they are case sensitive). I did this on a 1760 to remove ringtones due to flash: space limitations. Make sure you serve up the files via tftp.
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    For backgrounds you have to create an XML file and upload two .PNG images, background and thumbnail in a Desktops/PixelSize directory. The background .PNG must have the proper resolution for the IP phone model your using as well.

    I don't think the 7940/7960s allow for custom background images though.

    For reference: CallManager Express: Create a Customized Background Image for the 7970 IP Phone - Cisco Systems
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