CCNET v COMPTIA Network Plus

Which cert is more preferred? Is it worth aiming for both Certifications or does one posses more value than the other?
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    I could be wrong but I'm assuming you mean the CCENT. The CCENT probably is more valuable as far as knowledge and being able to use it in the job. The CCENT and Network+ has some overlap but I felt CCENT went into a lot more detail
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    Definitely get the CCENT. It isn't vendor neutral like Network+, but you learn a lot of basic networking concepts. Also, you're halfway to CCNA if you get the CCENT, and that's reason enough to get it over Network+ in my opinion.
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    Agreed, Net+ is generic networking while CCENT is generic networking with Cisco. If you are new to networking then Net+ would be a good place to start and if you can afford to take the exam then a good place to test your basic knowledge before moving to CCENT. If you have a grasp of basic networking then CCENT is where you should start.
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    I'd say if you are completely new to networking - N+. If not - CCENT. The CCENT does go a little deeper and will have more value on the job market(plus being a stepping stone into the CCNA).
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    CCENT is a step closer to CCNA.
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    Why not get both? icon_wink.gif

    I would start with the N+.

    Then you can grab the CompTIA Trinity of A+ N+ S+ .

    Then tackle the CCENT.

    After which, you can grab your CCNA.
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    Start with CCENT. CCENT is pretty basic. If you get lost, then check out N+.
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    Thanks guys for all your help............
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    I could be wrong but I'm assuming you mean the CCENT. The CCENT probably is more valuable as far as knowledge and being able to use it in the job. The CCENT and Network+ has some overlap but I felt CCENT went into a lot more detail
    opps yes I meant CCENT
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    I've asked this question before and the general consensus was to study the Net+ stuff but don't take the exam, then study for and take the CCENT. I'm doing this right now-tearing through Meyer's All In One Net+ then moving over to Lammle's newest CCENT guide.
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    Get both, start with Network+, while the CCENT is a better test of what you know, Network+ is more popular/known

    ...on the two NOC interviews I went on (I got hired both times btw) the hiring manager had no idea what CCENT was...

    I had to explain what the test was and what it covered...
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    The Network+ from what I have seen and heard does not go as far in depth as the CCENT but it gives you overall networking knowledge. Cisco exams have more focus on their products with the knowledge. This makes the logical progression Network+ to CCENT. Government type jobs use several CompTIA exams as a baseline for qualifications, so the type of job you want to land can matter some also. Personally I will grab Network+ to have while I work towards Cisco greatness.
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    I would just make it a point to get the CCNA. Both net + and the CCENT are not well known. However the CCNA is known by everyone and from what I hear and see provides an excellent chance to land an entry level NOC position.
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    I have watched a few CBT nuggets on CCENT and there is a lot of overlap between the two, the only difference is that N+ is vendor non specific and CCENT is more specific on CISCO devices. In my opinion i think you should start with N+ because i think it can build a solid foundation going forward into your networking career and then you can move into CCENT afterwards and then head to CCNA after completing your CCENT maybe its better taking things step by step but if time is a concern then you should start with CCENT.
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