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PLEASE help!!

Everything was fine yesterday but not any more lol! Have a DC running 2003 and an XP client connected to the domain. I had several test users some with roaming profiles and some without. Regardless of this, they could all log on to the domain yesterday.

Today however the users with the roaming profiles cannot log on with their roaming profiles, only local ones. If i remove the profile path from the profile tab they can log on. However any new users i create or exisiting users that did not have roaming profiles cannot log on, the error message is as follows:

Cannot log you on to the network as your profile could not be loaded.

Detail: There is not enough space on the disk (there clearly is!!)

Yesterday i was playing about with disk quotas but have reset all that and stil get the same errors

Any help appreciated icon_redface.gif


  • woodwormwoodworm Member Posts: 153
    I did this once on a test box and it was because I forgot to turn off disk quotas? Can't remember if it's the default setting or not but the user I was trying to login with was only allowed to create 1kb of disk space.

    are you sure you have disk quota's disabled?
  • Chivalry1Chivalry1 Member Posts: 569
    I ran into this once. It was because the server was heavily fragmented. I defraged the server hardrive and users were able to login with there roaming profiles.
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  • Ally77Ally77 Member Posts: 212
    Thanks for the replies, stil had no luck tho! Disk quotas are definately disabled and there is 420MB of free disk space on the local machine and much more on the server. I had tried defragging the server drive as well but no luck.

    Am convinced it must have something to do with the disk quotas but there are disabled so possibly not. il keep trying

  • ritamshomeritamshome Member Posts: 57 ■■□□□□□□□□
    hope this works 'cause i am throwing a dart in the dark.

    the client xp is not able to load the profile of users from the server possibly because the profiles of individual users is occupying much space in the server. Now to load the users profile on the client
    1. possibly space is the issue

    Ans. So change the profile link Target to the users home folder which will possibly make it easier for the individual users profile to load on the respective clients xp machines.

    But still did not understand the question? As to how the newlocal user's profile cannot be loaded considering they did not have roaming profile earlier.

    Hope somebody with more certifications might help..

    signing out--ritamshome
  • johnnynodoughjohnnynodough Member Posts: 634
    Sounds like your local machine is low on disk space, roaming profiles will cache the profile on the client machine, if it has only 420 MB, that could be a problem, profiles can get rather large rather quick.

    The reason your local profiles work is because all the user data is already on the machine, doesnt need to cache a copy from the server.
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  • Ally77Ally77 Member Posts: 212
    Thanks for the advice everyone, basically i think my test server has been overloaded, I.e. been used as a DNS, DHCP, File and Print server, remote access etc which is producing weird results.
    Yesterday, after probably the third reboot it came to light that the disk quotas had kicked back in again??Finally got rid of the problem but am quite amazed at the trouble that this has caused me!Regardless of the fact that all disk quotas WERE disabled, the server was stil acting as if they were enabled.
    As i said my guess is that i have overloaded the server but it is stil strange the amount of time it is taking sometimes for changes to be registered; several reboots in some cases!!!

    Well thanks 2 everyone for the advice

  • DaPunnisherDaPunnisher Member Posts: 108
    Some of the simplest things to look at in this situation are to make sure that the UNC path to the profile is correct in the profile tab and also make sure the group that the users are in have adiquate permissions to the profile path.
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