IT certs that have Student discounts?

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I have 1.5 years left til I graduate with a CIS degree and am aiming to land a internship for spring/summer through my campus college of technology job fair.

I have some tech experience but no enterprise experience. I figured Id get ahead of the pack and since I wasnt able to find a part-time job that will give me "enterprise IT experience" so im deciding to focus this upcoming fall semester on obtaining IT certs.

Im gonna be taking 18 hours and my cash flow will be limited so id like to aim for certs that have student discounts. I looked up that Microsoft has or use to have student discounts but so far have been unable to find anything on their website... so im guessing the offer is no longer valid?

My school already provides alot of the comptia exam study books online through our campus online library so thats a plus, but more discounts towards the exam themselves would be even better. icon_cool.gif


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    For Microsoft the academic exams are coded 72-XXX instead of 70-XXX and most of them are $83.00 I believe, I assume the school has to be registered with MS. the test are for the same certification just a different exam number
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