19 inch rack - thoughts?

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I've just moved house, and in my old house I had a 42U 19" rack with all of my networking equipment in it (4 x DL360 G2 servers, and a whole bunch of Cisco routers and switches). It was a horrible ugly thing, which I got for free, but it didn't matter because it was in a cupboard and out of site.

In the new house, the rack has to be more visible - it's going in a spare bedroom. Long story short, for various reasons, the rack had to go.

So now I need something new to mount my kit on, that looks tidy enough to be in the house. I reckon I need about 24U of space.

I was looking at the Skeletek racks a few weeks back, because they look pretty tidy and fairly compact. I couldn't see a valid UK distributor though, and they seemed really expensive!

I found a company on ebay in the UK who makes wooden 19 inch racks for DJ equipment. An example is 12u 19 inch Angled Rack Unit - Recording Radio Audio Studio AV Producer SMP12A | eBay......you can click through to their shop for more of their stuff.

I quite liked the look of this, as it fits nicely in with my wooden desk and wouldn't look ridiculously out of place. I'd probably have to get in touch with them to get something custom made though, because for the servers I'd need something that was 4 post.

Anybody ever used anything like this, or have any more suggestions / ideas?

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